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So who's Amanda?...

Keen to know more?... Let me take you on a lap around my solar system...

2009... Small town kid graduates from Uni with a degree in Human Movement Science, and a burning desire to understand every aspect of what makes us human. I was passionate about the intricacies of how the human body works, but couldn't help feeling there was something missing... For a while I dabbled in Exercise Science and Fitness coaching, until I found myself working in a holistic drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinic. It was my responsibility, and my pleasure, to shine a light on ways my clients could nurture their bodies with food and exercise. I loved this role and all it's challenges... But I couldn't stay... I was in my early 20s, my feet were itchy, and I knew I HAD to explore further afield... Oh the places I went, and the magic I found!


On a complete whim, I moved to the desert and trained as an Eco-tour Guide. I spent years falling madly in love with the rich landscapes and indigenous culture of this beautiful country and her custodians. At night I laid my head on the earth, and fell asleep gazing at the vast magnificence of the night sky, with awe, and wonder. For over a decade I bounced between leading curious minds into Australia's most remote corners, and exploring abroad myself... Always driven by a passion to learn the ancient secrets of the cosmos, and connect with people from every possible walk of life. 

Sailing and trekking from Europe to the Americas, PNG to India, NZ to Asia, I've learned and expanded from exposure to new age thinkers, ancient wisdom and epic humans... Learning from classrooms, ashrams, and mountain tops alike. My journey finally came full circle when I found Kinesiology right under my nose, hands down, the most powerful healing modality I've ever encountered. I always struggled with which "camp" I sat in...  My knowledge is rooted in Science... Anatomy, Physiology, and Structural alignment. Our physicality affects us at the most foundational level... But I always felt "that can't be it"... There's more to it than what we can see and touch! Emotional regulation, trauma resolution, mental and cognitive function, spiritual alignment... Kinesiology is the only modality I've ever found which incorporates the lot, AND empowers it's clients to facilitate change themselves, without reliance on external blah blah... 

I'm so honoured, and "happy-dance excited" to introduce you to the potential of Kinesiology, Numerology or one of the other modalities that have positively changed my life, and the way I see, and interact with the world! The possibilities are literally endless if you're ready to jump in! ... Welcome to the best adventure yet!! 

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Green tea
Healing Stones

And what's Ānanda?...

No... It's not a typo.... My name is Amanda, and my business is called Ānanda...


From Sanskrit. Often translated as "Bliss or Divine joy" 

Paramhansa Yogananda adds that Ānanda refers to "a joy that changes and dances itself in many ways to enthral your mind, and keep your attention occupied and interested forever"

It's that joy that lives within and cannot be found through anything outside oneself... Have you ever experienced that all encompassing blissful rush from something incredibly simple? ... A beautiful flower, a magical sunset, or busting out to your favourite song... All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, you're so happy you genuinely fear you might explode!!... THAT'S Ānanda! I see it in kids all the time... And puppies!! Don't get me started on puppies! 

I passionately believe that what we need to lead a life of health, wealth and vitality is all around us... We have just forgotten where to look. Food is medicine, community is our lifeline, and finding and sharing your joy is the purpose of life. 

Let's be real... Life is crazy and busy and down right hard sometimes. The ebbs and flows of physical, mental, emotional even spiritual stress is natural, but doesn't have to be a daunting solo emergence from the depths. Let's work together to remove the blocks between you and your highest potential.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs...
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that!!
Because the world needs more people who come alive!!" 

Howard Thurman 


..."Happiness is the highest form of health"...

- His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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