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Kinesiology is a highly personalised holistic therapy that works on every aspect of your health... Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


It uses bio-feedback from muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout the body and identify the root causes of chronic stress. In doing this we can eradicate factors that block the bodies natural self-healing capability. 


What is Kinesiology?....

An evolution from the chiropractic discipline in the 1960’s, Kinesiology is a tangible, science-based approach to holistic wellness that speaks for itself. Using gentle muscle testing to identify factors that block the body’s natural healing process. Kinesiology integrates Western techniques with Eastern wisdom to bring the effected system/s back into balance… It’s so effective because it’s so all encompassing.

How? … Let’s take a second to truly marvel at the human body… As you read this, your heart beats to fuel your organs and your muscles, while your lunch digests to absorb it’s nutrients, and expel the waste. Your endocrine system keeps your hormones in check, your proprioception keeps you upright, and your immune system keeps invading pathogens at bay. All the while your brain functions to block background noise, to comprehend what you’re reading, and to wonder what Kinesiology might do for you and your loved ones…. WOW!! And that’s only just the beginning!! The bottom line, is that at any given moment, there’s A LOT going on within each of us that we don’t even notice or comprehend. Generally, we don’t consciously decide to feel a certain emotion, or temperature, or physical sensation, it happens as a result of our internal systems adapting to our external environment. In Kinesiology we refer to this unconscious self-regulation as “innate awareness”. When these processing systems become stressed from mental, physical or emotional cues, cracks in the chain develop and the affected systems don’t operate as effectively as they could. Over time, and compounding stress, these cracks in the chain evolve into dis-ease… Mental, physical and emotional pain or illness.

The way we deal with stress is different for everyone. By using bio-feedback from muscle testing, reflexes, and acupressure points, we can “talk” to your innate awareness to identify underlying causes of stress and rectify dysfunction. Clients are empowered by tapping into their own ability to self-heal rather than reliance on external factors. Kinesiology can relieve physical pain or structural issues, muscular and nervous disorders, assist with digestion, nutritional or physiological issues, psychological and learning difficulties, stress regulation, brain fog, emotional regulation, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, motivation, behavioural patterns, stimulate energy, clarity and untapped potential…

Within our sessions you'll have access to whatever your body tells us will be most beneficial... This may include components of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic wisdom, Craniosacral therapy, structural alignment techniques, nutritional support, flower essences, mantras & affirmations, NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) , guided meditations, reiki, reflexology, sound healings, past life regression, and so much more. 


Curious? Let’s have a chat to uncover what Kinesiology can do for you...  







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