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An ancient archetypal language that will change the way you see yourself, interact with your loved ones, and the world! Derived from your name and date of birth, your Numerology chart depicts what makes you, uniquely you, and provides insight into the most natural way to step into your gifts, and thrive! 

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What is Numerology?....

The numbers 1-9 embody certain characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that you will have access to in this lifetime. From just one conversation, Numerology will shine a light on themes at play now, and throughout your lifetime, and provide some insight into the most effective plan of attack.  Using info from your birth name and date of birth, we can determine things like the type of work that will be both satisfying and come naturally to you, karmic lessons, your personality number  (the way others see you in the world) and the “evolutionary method of choice” your soul signed you up for this lifetime in order for you to fulfil your highest potential. Cool huh? That’s just the beginning!



Why bother?...

Your Numerological birth chart is your unique blueprint for this lifetime.  I believe there’s a bigger picture for each of us. As we journey across lifetimes we learn from our experiences, and carry this accumulated wisdom, along with our personal karma, with us to the next life. Our souls have a plan, and they sign us up for the experiences or life lessons which best contribute to our individual soul evolution.

Not sold? That’s OK, you don’t have to be!

The beauty is that your chart will unfold whether you believe, or choose to engage in this work or not! Having studied hundreds of charts, what I can say with certainty, is that the themes at play in your birth chart WILL play a significant role in your life experiences…For better, or worse. Knowing these themes are at play, empowers us to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Do you ever find yourself feeling unheard, stuck in a rut, or caught in a repetitive cycle?  Do you catch yourself asking “why?” or wondering “what am I missing?”  


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see the world through someone else’s eyes, or speak their ‘language’? 

Numerology has taught me to see myself, others and situations as they really are, and gifted me an understanding of why we all act, or react the way we do. It’s a short-cut, WITH A ROAD MAP, to embodying the best version of yourself!

Before we go any further…Let’s get crystal clear…I am not a psychic, and I can’t predict the future. This reading is not channelled, and free will is a very real thing! The way YOU choose to interact with the dominant “themes” at play in your chart (however unconsciously) will determine where you end up and how things play out. We are each affected by, and interact with, the same situations differently. Blessed with this wisdom, you gain deep insight into the most satisfying, rewarding and peaceful way through and forward... It's profound, validating, and highly empowering!

I’m currently offering personalised (90min) “conversations” based on insights from your individual birth chart, OR written (PDF) interpretations of your own chart, or someone elses (with their permission). 


Numerology can be applied to your business, your relationships, any particular dates of interest/anniversary, or to provide an insight into the ideal way to nurture your child’s unique karmic blueprint. Have you ever wondered about Nature vs Nurture? How do two kiddos, raised exactly the same, have such different personalities, before they even meet “society” or set one foot into the world? Because on a soul level they signed up for different experiences… They have a different karmic blueprint.


Being gifted with such insights when a new Bubba arrives can provide valuable insights into how your child might see and interact with the world as they grow to find their place in it. A unique and thoughtful "welcome to the world" gift for little ones arriving Earthside. 

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