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Introducing... "The Alchemy of Essence" 

Imagine... Kinesiology meets Life Coaching... And they get along like a house on fire!! They support and nurture each other and are perfectly complementary... But it's when they dance together that the fireworks start and the magic truly unfolds!!!

...It's time to BE the change you wish to see in the world...

Kinesiology Coaching - An Advanced Life Development Program


You CAN create the life of your wildest dreams!!... So why haven't you yet? (OUCH, right?) We all have underlying blocks which hide deep in our subconscious and hold us back. These blocks come from past experience or trauma, negative self talk, inherited belief systems (from individuals, groups or society at large) even past life experiences. Moral to the story is it doesn't matter where they come from… We want them gone so you can thrive!! 


In the Kinesiology Coaching program you will be supported to dive deeply into the life you truly want...

You'll be prompted to uncover the true essence of your desires. I believe there is so much dissatisfaction in the world because people are chasing dreams that aren't theirs... We have become so disconnected with our true desires that we chase tangible things to fill the gaps. Things we are TOLD we want by loved ones, society, or the media. Will you really be happy once you have that nice car? When you hit your savings target, or find that lover you've been looking for? ... If you can answer yes, with absolute certainty, then go get em'!!! But most of us are seeking acceptance, freedom, security and love and looking for it in money, relationships and "success". What would it take for you to live in a state of true bliss, gratitude, and satisfaction? 

This is manifestation on steroids!!!


Life Coaching is fantastic, because it helps you get really clear on what you ACTUALLY want to create in your life. Coaching and accountability supports you to find the "why"... The underlying motivation behind your goals, and maybe even shine a light on the subconscious blocks in your way... But then what?? ... 


Kinesiology is hands down the most powerful modality I've come across in accessing the subconscious. Now we've uncovered the blocks we can work with your brain neurology and unconscious programming to unblock them. Brain plasticity comes into play when we customise challenging but achievable tasks for you to complete between sessions so we can start to rewire your brain chemistry and make tangible change. 


The bottom line... If I tell you to imagine the life of your dreams... Close your eyes for a second and SEE it! Try to FEEL how it feels to live that life each day... Can you hear a little voice saying "that'll never happen because".... ? What's the internal story that justifies WHY you don't or can't have it yet?? Well... Let me promise you something... If you want it bad enough, YOU CAN HAVE IT!! If you truly and deeply want it with all your heart and it's the most important thing in the world to you... Then why don't you have it yet??? .... Whatever you answered to that question... We're gonna work on THAT!! 


What I truly want for you is NOT for the life of your dreams to become reality... It's for you to KNOW... To truly BELIEVE that you can have it!! Once we remove the limiting belief patterns and loop behaviours preventing you from KNOWING you can have it... You'll make it happen yourself! And I can't WAIT to watch that unfold!! That's the magical alchemy of why this program works, ‘cos it's empowering!! YOU'RE gonna make these dreams a reality cos you're the only one who can... They're YOUR dreams!! Witnessing you realise, and learn to embody that that... That's MY dream!! 


Sounds great right? ... A word of warning!!


This program is a serious commitment and is designed to challenge you. You WILL feel triggered, uncomfortable and provoked. You WILL want to chuck in the towel at times... If your goals don't scare you, they simply aren't big enough!! To be fully committed to this program you must be willing to allow your mediocre life and all it's compromises to fall away, with nothing tangible to show for it... YET!! ... Nothing more than a certainty that the life you are creating is better, and is worth it!! 


Still keen?... Fantastic, let's chat!! 


Ok so how does it work?...

First, we start with a Numerology reading (if it resonates. I can deduct this aspect of it's not your vibe) to shine a light on the superpowers that makes you uniquely you. Your Numerology chart is your Soul's blueprint to your best life. It depicts the superpowers you don't even realise you have, and the best way to refine and embrace them. To shine a light on "karmic lessons" that may contribute to limiting belief patterns and a super personalised approach to kicking them out! Numerology is such an incredible tool for getting to know yourself better! I've been studying this wisdom for over 5 years, have done countless readings, and have recently starting sharing these insights in my 8-week beginner courses with humbling feedback. Personally, I really value Numerology, it's really guided me through some personal dark days, and I am incredibly passionate about sharing it... IF it's your vibe... If not, we can leave it aside. Totally your call!


Next, we dive into the coaching aspect. Together we will break down and evaluate your satisfaction with every aspect of your current situation. Relationships, career, finances, recreation, health and fitness (both physical and mental), environment, community, emotional state, life purpose and so much more. In which aspects of your life are you happy?... And which aspects demand attention? 


This process may surprise you, it may challenge and confront you... But I promise it's worth it! ... Only now that we have clarity, can we start to create goals that really hit the spot!! I'll support, guide, challenge and prompt you every step of the way in order to strategically address your wants and needs. 


Now that we have clarity on what you REALLY want, and a clear direction on how to create it, we invite Kinesiology to the party! 


We will have 5 Kinesiology sessions, no more than 2 weeks apart and work diligently to remove the blocks in your way. You should allow 2.5hrs for each session, which will include an extensive chat as we continue to refine your goals, and at least an hour kinesiology session. 


Homework: In between each session you will have an "Action Plan" which we will create together with the help of muscle monitoring (guidance from your innate awareness). This action plan is designed to challenge you and will require tangible, physical action. A commitment of your time and energy. This is based in the principles of brain elasticity and the requirement for physical action and challenging new tasks to make change.


“Neuroscience has proven that we can change our brains just by thinking and acting differently. To change, is to think and act greater than our present circumstances”.


Dr Joe Dispenza - Celebrated Neuroscientist and brain plasticity expert. Read more from Dr Joe on brain plasticity and consequent behavioural patterns here.


Your homework will depend completely on what we are working on in your sessions and may include anything from journaling and mind maps, to joining a group or club, budgeting, enlisting professional help, learning a new skill, or picking up an old one. No matter the task, it will be tailored to you and your desired outcomes. These tasks are designed to be challenging, but achievable, AND considerate of your current situation and responsibilities. So, there's no reason you can't complete them with full commitment to the course. AND, if for some reason you can't complete your Action Plan, we can use Kinesiology to unpack WHY, there's absolute gold in this process too!! 


In between sessions, you will have daily access to me (4 days/week) via phone or text. I'm here to cheer you on, celebrate your wins, keep you accountable, provide pep talks, and support you in the challenges!! I'm fully invested in supporting you to create a life that inspires you, and sets your soul on fire!! All I ask is that you're full committed too!!


Your investment of $2999 and full commitment to the program for its 3 month duration includes:


A sacred journal to map out your journey, which includes prompts and a specialised workbook


A 90 minute Numerology reading


5 x 2.5 hour Coaching & Kinesiology sessions (online or in person at my Mudgerraba clinic on the Gold Coast)


A personalised debrief session upon conclusion if the program. This may include a Kinesiology session, a follow up Numerology reading, further coaching, strategic planning on moving forward, a combination of the above, or simply a cuppa and a catch up. This final session will be tailored specifically to you and your goals towards the end of the program.


You will have access to 30 mins of my time per day, 4 days/week. That looks like whatever you need it to be. Phone calls, text, voice memos, emails, radio silence... Whatever you need based on where you're at on that day. We don't NEED to chat every day, but we can if you find it helps... This aspect will ebb and flow, and is totally driven by you! I want to support you in a way that feels right for you. 


Within our sessions you'll have access to whatever your body tells us will be most beneficial... This may include sound healings, past life regression, flower essences, mantras & affirmations, NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) , guided meditations, reiki, reflexology, components of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic wisdom, Craniosacral therapy, structural alignment techniques, nutritional support, and so much more. 


I can't stress enough that commitment to this program in entirety is key to tangible results.

This is why the balance of your coaching must be paid in full before we start the program, (this includes a $500 non-refundable deposit). If I'm perfectly honest, as a serious committmaphobe myself, I feel uncomfortable asking this of my clients... BUT, I simply can't argue that it works! When people are deeply committed, they show up, and they get significantly better results... And that's what I want for you!! ... So, I need you to be "all in" ... If you're not, it's not your time, and that is so fine!! I'll still be here if and when you are truly ready to jump in! 


Having said that, we need to resonate! If I'm not your cup of tea, this won't work either. So I also ask that if you are not an existing client you, come for at least one Kinesiology session with me before we embark on this journey together... To see if it's a fit for us both. (An initial session is 90 minutes and $150, this cost is NOT included in the coaching program). 


If you're still here... I am SO excited to touch base with you and see if it's a match!! I'm so passionate about sharing the skills I've collected over the past decade with people like you... Who value them and truly want to live their best life!!! ... Let's dance!!

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