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Next womens program kicks off...
May 17th 2024!!
Get in touch to reserve your spot! 

Max 8 spots available


Igniting vitality through connection, creativity & play!! 

A 8 week learn to surf journey with an epic twist…


… Thrive is an intimate self-development program for women of all ages, experience and world views...

Endless gratitude to @seazephyrstudios for her beautiful photography

Have you ever been so happy that you genuinely think you might explode? …

Your heart is bursting, your cheeks burn from laughing so hard, and in that moment, the world is just a little bit more beautiful! I’ve always wanted to bottle that moment… When the colours are brighter, the smells are sweeter, and the air feels electric!! … In that moment of bliss, nothing exists but pure, innocent joy!

Welcome to my passion project…



An intimate self-development program for women of all ages, experience and world views. This is so much more than a learn to surf program… This is a tribe!! A safe space for you to connect with like-minded women, smash your personal goals, reconnect with nature, and learn an epic new skill with a huge smile on your beautiful face!





So, how does it work? … Simple… WE PLAY!!!! (Zero experience required!)


Prior to blast off on our 8 week journey together, you will complete a condensed version of my “Alchemy of Essence” prompted self enquiry workbook. Once complete, I will guide you through a 1:1 coaching session (online or in person at Earth Mothers Health Sanctuary, Mudgeeraba) to help you get crystal clear on your goals and any obstacles blocking you from creating the life of your wildest dreams.


This initial 2.5 hour session will be tailored to you and your personal goals. Here you’ll have access to my entire wellness toolkit. In this session I may incorporate skills and experience from Kinesiology, Numerology, NLP, Craniosacral therapy, Flower essences, Reiki, and over a decade of team-building, coaching and self enquiry in the wellness space. Once we are super clear on the destination, the magic happens, as 8 wonder women come together and dive into the joys of learning to dance on the waves!!


As a true Cancerian (crab) I’ve designed this program to spend half our time on land, and half in the water. Each Friday morning between 6-9am, we will meet at our beautiful Kirra beach hideout to explore your individual goals, (and any blocks around them), from a different angle. Mind blowing group discussions, prompted self enquiry, meditations, visualisations, mind mapping, aspects of somatic therapy, breathwork, movement, coaching and mindset activities, journaling and so much more! … Each week you will be supported to peel back a layer while we connect on the sand, then squeal with delight as we take to the waves!


In addition, one evening per week (timing TBA) we will come together via zoom. Here we will dive deeper into our respective journeys through some fun activities, sharing circles, and some incredible guest speakers. It’s such a privilege to witness these experts in their respective fields sharing wisdom on the topics they are passionate about: I don’t want to give too much away… Buuuuut I’m too excited not to share a few hints… Think Womb Wisdom, Manifestation and Abundance Mindset, Making Money Sexy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition for Vitality and Optimal Performance, Art Therapy, Human Design, Secret Womens Business: A right of passage, Astrology and The Pagan Wheel of the Year…. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  YUM! YUM!! YUM!!!!

(All Zoom sessions are recorded for you to download, keep and re-listen at your leisure).

Scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it is done in play, in which case it only takes 10-20 repetitions.

Karyn Purvis (Institute of child development)


And so... Who am I?

Feel free to have a squiz at the rest of this site to get to know my vibe… You can find more of my story and my philosophy here...

Long story short, I’m Amanda... A passionate soul surfer, earth keeper, and giggle seeker…


The ocean is my medicine, my happy place, and where I feel most at peace! Physicality is my life blood, but CAN NOT DEAL with 20 reps of anything!!! I love to climb trees, and scrape my knees, talk to strangers and cloud gaze for hours. Picnics are life, I love circus arts, and I've been known to cry over magical sunsets!! Some might say I talk too much, or be overwhelmed by my love of a rabbit hole conversation… Sometimes I would agree!!

I believe happiness is the ultimate measure of success and living in alignment with the wisdom of Mother Earth is key to vitality. I’ve spent over a decade exploring this incredible planet and the wisdom of her people, and my act of service is sharing that wisdom with those who seek it too.

I’m currently practising as a Kinesiologist, Numerologist/Teacher of Numerology, Eco/Surf-therapist and emerging Doula. My offerings are a melting pot of a phenomenal life of adventure and mind blowing teachers for whom I’m forever grateful … Exercise Science, Eco & cultural tourism, Team building & group facilitation, various modes of Bodywork and energetic therapies, Yoga teacher, Holistic drug & alcohol rehabilitation, Support work & Eco-therapy, and most recently, my sacred Doula training.


This program is about me sharing the things that light me up, with people who might love them too. It’s about taking the bliss, flow and courage of learning to surf, into your work, life, dreams and relationships. It’s about realising that you ABSOLUTLEY CAN do something that you never thought you could. My ultimate wish for you, is to find the thing that lights you up, realise you are invincible, and unapologetically take that to the world like a fire cracker!!


Supporting & empowering women to celebrate their uniqueness and shine like the freakin’ supernovas that they truly are….

That’s my vibe!


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or fancy a chat!!

What's in the Thrive Program?

So, what’s included in your investment of $1499.60?


  • 2hr 1:1 Kinesiology Coaching Session (value $300) (Online or in person at Mudgeeraba)

  • 6 Beginner Surf Lessons @ Kirra Beach, Gold Coast (Minimum 1hr in the water/session - 6 - 9am Fridays)

  • Gear hire including rashie to keep

  • Surf skills & ocean confidence, etiquette & forecasting

  • New muscles & a damn good workout every Friday (guidance on surf specific stretches & strength exercises)

  • Prompted & supported self enquiry throughout

  • Mind blowing group discussions

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Meditations, Breathwork, Mindset activities

  • Weekly Zoom workshops, featuring phenomenal guest speakers & online community

  • A fun and inspiring tribe of warrior women

  • Ongoing Thrive community days, workshops & events - Connect with like-minded women - Create lasting friendships

  • A special goodies bag with lots of rad surf and wellness related surprises, discounts and freebies (over $250 value)

  • Surf photos – Gnarly action shots

  • 5% donation to the phenomenal Happy Boxes Project – Supporting First Nations Women in remote indigenous communities – Check out their website here or their instagram @happyboxesproject (go on hit follow while you're there)

  • …. And a phenomenal new life skill


Are you buzzin’ as much as I am right now???...

Option 1

4 fortnightly repayments of
$404.99 p/w 



*if this is your first time using afterpay, please get in touch. 

Option 2

Pay in full

Save $120

If finances are the only thing holding you back from THRIVE, please get in touch, I'd LOVE to help you out if I can!!

Day one, or one day ... You get to decide

- Paulo Coelho

Client love:

Thrive has literally changed my life! 


I’ve always wanted to try surfing however I always thought that it would be way too difficult for me. 


I loved the focus on self development and how it was weaved into our learning to surf experience. 

Amanda is a master communicator, warm, fun and intuitive and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. 


I actually had no idea how this would impact me however challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and meeting amazing new friends has given me a brand new passion I’m crazy about! I now surf daily, I have so much more confidence and resilience as the ocean humbles me daily. Because I’m doing something I love I’ve let go of so many of my insecurities and self defeating habits that weren’t nourishing me. 


Words don’t seem to be able to express how much impact this course has had on my life - seriously life changing!! 

- Amanda Jenkyn, 51 - Travel Consultant)


I can write it from lots of angles.. So here is the most simple one.


"I'm not sure where I'd be right now if I hadn't done the Thrive course. It has truly changed my life for the better. 

- Kerri Eckart, 50 - Marketing/Business Owner

I was feeling a bit lost and off track before I met Amanda and spent some time with her surf therapy. Her truthful and down to earth energy and guidance helped me get my mojo back, giving me energy and motivation to get back on my purpose. I also found I had a very negative undertone in my thinking and just becoming aware of this helped me change the way I look at my day to day life from my own self care and helping others.

Thanks Amanda, you've had such a positive impact on me over the past few months... You're a legend!

- Darryl Ryan (Retired Army Veteran) 

My surf lessons with Amanda were nothing short of inspiring. Her fierce positivity and playful demeanor reminded me that learning should be fun and that it’s okay to be bad at something because that’s the first step in becoming great!

I left the beach with a smile, new skills and a happy soul. Amanda is a very special person and inspires those around her to be better. If you have an opportunity to learn from her - TAKE IT!

- Annie Gladbach, 32 - White Water Rafting Guide

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