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Client & Student love ....

Kinesiology Coaching - Advanced Life Development Program

I have such overwhelming gratitude for my amazing clients. I'm so passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience... Witnessing them realise their dreams is an honour and an inspiration!!


I am lucky enough to have recently been through Amanda’s Kinesiology Coaching program.  It was a beautiful yet confronting journey to honestly look at the pieces of my life that required deep change to meet my goals.   Amanda guided me through the process with genuine compassion and plenty of fun. I felt heard, seen and safe to be vulnerable. She saw my deepest wounds and encouraged me to go places I wouldn’t have had the courage to go alone, and the whole time I felt completely supported in the container of safety Amanda created for me. 

This program was life changing for me and I’m eternally grateful to Amanda for the safety and care she provided while I was diving deeply into my biggest fears.  I absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is ready to level up and make some big changes in their life!

Nicole Wilde xox (Mama & Health Practitioner)

Numerology for Beginners - 8 week immersion

I recently completed Amanda's Numerology for Kinesiologists course. To say it blew my mind would be a gross understatement! Amanda's absolute passion for Numerology and her awesome teaching style had me engrossed throughout. Getting to understand my own Numerology chart and how I really "tick" was a huge eye opener, and led to some incredible "aha!!" moments for me, and ultimately helped me shift some old old (OLD!!) stuff that was holding me back in my personal journey of evolution. But that's not all that I got out of this course (although that alone would have been far more than I could have hoped for). I also got to understand how each of the numbers play out for different people, and where there might be challenges and opportunities for growth - opportunities for each of us to live our souls purpose.

Even better, I now have an awesome new addition to my Kinesiology tool kit. Already, Numerology has started to show up as relevant in sessions with clients - and they are gaining HUGE benefit. 


Soooo... in short .... if you're thinking about attending one of Amanda's Numerology courses ... DO IT!!! It might just change your life!!! 

Jane Silva xox (Kinesiologist & Kinesiology Trainer)

Eco-Therapy: Youth Mentor & Support

We have known Amanda for over a year.  She became ( and still is) part of our family in that time.  Amanda first entered our lives as a mentor for our daughter.  We are not your typical family, there are two children on the spectrum, one with complex needs, and their father has recently been diagnosed with a physical disability.  Amanda’s work with our daughter has been beautiful and inspiring.  Her love of life and all things in it made it easy for us to connect and form a close bond.  She showed our daughter that it is ok to be curious, touch, feel, taste, see and smell as many things as possible. And to always show kindness. Her work in the community is not just supporting people with disabilities.  Amanda is also a passionate volunteer youth and disability mentor and regular blood donor, helping those she will never meet.


Kinesiology is Amanda’s passion.  Her enthusiasm, willingness to learn and commitment to healing provides her clients with personalised sessions.   Amanda’s knowledge is vast, and there is something special about her approach, she will give you the best care in a safe and comfortable environment.  She will work hard to problem-solve issues, assisting you where you want to go.  I highly recommend and value her support!

Debbie Cox xox (Mama, Carer & Book Keeper)


Kinesiology with Amanda has been life changing and such a blessing to me. I had always been hesitant but finally decided to try a session with her after realising I lived a life full of anxiety, fear and unresolved pain/trauma. I realised that I had limiting beliefs and a lack of self love and self worth, emotional, mental and physiological blocks and pain. With Amanda's help, kindness, guidance, knowledge and her life experience, she instantly made me feel safe, supported and grounded.


After just one session I truely felt a massive difference and started to see the miracles within myself and the magical world around us! These shifts happened faster than any other therapy I had previously tried and I'm so excited to keep working with her. Completely mind blowing!


If you are ready to dive deep and allow yourself to be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, I sincerely and highly recommend you book a session with Amanda and ride the spirit of life! 

Jess Moore xox (Mama & Property Manager)

Numerology Reading

Woah! What an insight into myself!! Not only did Amanda explain how Numerology works, she also gave me the space to delve deeper if and when I was comfortable! We all suffer from self doubt, confusion- why do we react the way we do, why do certain people not click with me, why am I always so loud???? These sorts of questions have played on my mind for years.

Amanda helped me to understand myself better, the way I am, is because it’s written in my numbers. By exposing my weaknesses/ explaining about the spectrum and the scale of each number, it has helped me to be aware of how I react and now I feel. It’s like looking behind the scenes and knowing the secret!! Thanx Amanda!! I was blown away by the knowledge I gained from my reading!!

Shanna Hicks xox 
(Mama, Hair artist & now Numerology Student)

Surf Therapy

I was feeling a bit lost and off track before I met Amanda and spent some time with her surf therapy. Her truthful and down to earth energy and guidance helped me get my mojo back, giving me energy and motivation to get back on my purpose. I also found I had a very negative undertone in my thinking and just becoming aware of this helped me change the way I look at my day to day life from my own self care and helping others.

Thanks Amanda, you've had such a positive impact on me over the past few months... You're a legend!!

Darryl Ryan xox 
(Father and Retired Army Veteran)

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