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Numerology Couples Reading

A profound insight into how how the world looks through your loved ones lens.

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • Flexible Southern Gold Coast Locations - Decided upon booking

Service Description

Numerology has taught me to see myself, others and situations as they really are, and gifted me an understanding of why we all act, or react the way we do. When we have a basic understanding of not only our own chart, but also those of our nearest and dearest, the way we communicate, support each other and empathise starts to change. Have you ever wished you could understand what's going through their head? Or asked "what do you want from me?" or "how did we end up here again?" ... It's one thing to wish they would explain, but what if they don't realise them self?... We all see the world through our own lens, and often don't even comprehend another way of viewing or interacting with the world is possible... Cue, Numerology! A fast-tracked insight into the unconscious drivers and motivators of our loved ones. In our reading together, we will not only look at the charts of each individual, we can look at healthy ways for these charts to interact, places that suggest potential for friction, and the innate goals, and drivers an individual will be interacting with each calendar year. A #3 year looks very different to a number #7 year, for example... Do you know what your personal year number is for 2023? Or your partners? Now is probably a great time to let you know that Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology, once quoted that he gained more insight from spending one hour with a clients (astrology or numerology) chart, than he would in a whole year of therapy... WOW!! A world in which we understand ourselves and our loved ones better, creates empathy, understanding and comapassion. Let's have a chat, I can guarantee some profound A-HA moments.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule a session, at least 24 hours is highly appreciated. This allows your allocated time slot to be offered to someone else who may be on the waiting list. Cancellation less than 24 hours before your allocated time will incur a fee of 50% session cost. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details


101 Palm Beach Avenue, Palm Beach QLD, Australia

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